The Town has begun a review and update of its Comprehensive Land Use Plan as required by the State and will be asking for resident input. A Comprehensive Land Use Plan is a local governments guide to community physical, social, and economic development. It is not meant to serve as land use regulations, but to provide a basis for local land use decisions with a 10-20 year vision. The State Legislature requires a review and update at least every 10 years. 

In 1998 the Town created and approved its first Comprehensive Land Use Plan with significant inputs by its residents. Goals, strategies, and recommendations with a 20 year vision were established. In 2008 the plan was reviewed and updated. The Town is again reviewing and will be updating the plan and will be asking for input from the residents. The meetings are held at the Town Hall the  1st Monday of every month at 6:30 p.m. The committee is asking residents to please complete the survey  that can be found on the following  link . Hard copies are also available at the Town Hall and can be mailed upon request. Please call (920) 688-1404 to have your copy mailed.