Help Build Destination Playground for students and Public at Lakeside School

Help us build a destination playground at Lakeside! Lakeside Elementary was established on one acre of land in the Town of Black Wolf in 1893. Since then, Lakeside has united neighbors as a meeting place for children and their families.

The children need your help!

Lakeside is raising money to replace a deteriorated 35-year-old structure past its serviceable life.

THE GOAL: $100,000 Please join the effort! Your contribution will build a community play space for all. Did you know… ★ During non-school hours the playground is open to everyone. ★ Lakeside is an Oshkosh Rec Department activity site in summer. ★ There is a walking path and a kickball diamond.

Questions? Contact Amy Ashton, Principal, (920) 424-0131

To Donate, Contact Karlene Grabner, Oshkosh Area Community Foundation. (920)426-3993