Robotics Installation at Tri-County Recycling Facility – The era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here! The Robotic Sorting Technology Upgrade will take place over two weekends in November, with no impact to our municipal customers. This project entails installation of three robotic sorting arms located on our plastic container line and last chance line. The stations for plastic containers and last chance are currently staffed with personnel who hand-sort materials. Installation of robotics will help us move personnel to other key roles in the MRF. The robotics are supported by AI technology which will learn new materials and identify distorted materials as it operates. The new technology will help us recover more polypropylene and mixed plastics (#3-#7) and catch additional materials that just didn’t sort properly (such as flattened water bottles and crushed aluminum cans).

Kathy Hutter – Operations Manager

Winnebago County Solid Waste