Town of Black Wolf Sanitary District 

P.O. Box 2481
6283 County Road R
Oshkosh, WI 54902

The Sanitary District Office for the Town of Black Wolf is in a separate building located on the corner of Black Wolf and County Road R. There is a drop box at this building for payments etc., located on the front door of the Sanitary District office building. PLEASE DO NOT make Sanitary District payments at the Town Hall Office.


Please contact the Sanitary District for information on upcoming meetings. 

Contact Information:

Office (920) 233-2901
Chuck Linde – Chairman (920) 527-1270
Scott Mateyka – Supervisor (920) 216-6773
Jennifer Olesen – Treasurer (920) 410-4456

Note for Sanitary District Residents:

We have been experiencing an unusual number of pump blockages in recent years. It seems to be primarily as a result of disposable rags and wipes entering the system. As these disposable products have gained popularity we have been experiencing more problems as a result. Please dispose of these products, along with dental floss, in the garbage. The floss tangles in our pump floats and causes them to malfunction.

Notice from Sanitary District:

All work performed on sewer laterals requires a permit which can be obtained by calling Scott Mateyka at (920) 216-6773. Sewer lateral work will be subject to inspection. A 48-hour notice must be given to our Inspector prior to commencement of work. Remember, only a licensed plumber can make repairs to sewer laterals outside of the foundation.

Sanitary District Payments:

To accommodate residents wishing to drop off their user fee payment, a drop box has been installed on the entrance door of the Sanitary District Office at 6283 County Road R which is at the corner of Black Wolf Ave. and County Road R.