Please see a list of FAQ’s pertaining to Trash and Recycling in the Town:

(Q) Where do I find local recycling guidelines or know what is recyclable and what is not? 

(A) Please visit the Recycling page for helpful information or click on the link

(Q) Where do I get a new trash or recycle receptacle and what is the cost?

(A) New or replacement trash and recycling containers are available at the Town Hall with varied sizes available.

(Q) Does the town pick-up yard debris?

(A) No. Residents can bring their yard debris to the Winnebago County Land Fill located off of Jackson Street. All material must be covered with tarp when entering their facility. If you decide to burn your yard debris in a controlled environment, we ask that you please contact the Van Dyne Fire Department (920) 688-2293 and advise them of the location of your burn. In addition to the Van Dyne Fire Department, please also contact the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department non-emergency line at (920) 236-7300. If you decide to burn, please be courteous to your neighbors!

(Q) What day is the trash picked up in the Town?

(A) The normal pick-up day for both trash and recyclables is Thursday morning. Please put your carts out no later than 6:00 a.m. and have them at least 3 feet apart to allow for the truck arms to pick up the containers. Carts must have the openings facing the road with the lids closed to avoid breakage or spillage.  Please use etiquette on the day of pick-up and return your carts to the residence within a reasonable timeframe. We ask that the carts not be left at the end of the driveway beyond the day of pick-up if possible. Doing so will not only eliminate the possibility of your carts being damaged but it will also avoid the expense of replacing your carts.

(Q) What do I do if I have light bulbs, waste oil, anti-freeze, electronics or items like that I needs to dispose of?

(A) Numerous items including those mentioned should be brought to the Winnebago County Household Hazardous Material Collection Facility at 100 W. County Road Y, Oshkosh WI or simply call them at (920) 232-1800 with any questions you may have.

(Q) Who do I call if I see trash dumped on the side of the road in our Town?

(A) Please contact the Town office at (920) 688-1404 and report the location of the garbage/trash. Unfortunately, our clean town and others near us are the targets for non-residents to “DUMP” their trash such as tires. We ask that if you see someone dumping trash in the town, do not put yourself at risk but report what you do see as soon as possible to the town or the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department (920) 236-7300.