Building Permits (new homes only)  

Effective January 1, 2018, the Town of Black Wolf will only be accepting permit applications for one and two family homes after the builder (or owner) has completed the State online permit. The Online Building Permit System was developed by the D.S.P.S. to allow municipalities to gain compliance with 2015 Act 211. The owner, builder, or agents shall complete the application form and the Online Building Permit System will route it to the enforcing jurisdiction (Town of Black Wolf). Permit application data is used for statewide statistics on new one- and two-family dwellings, as well as for local code administration.

  • You may access the online permit system at:  After completion of the online form, you must submit your plans and other required information to the Building Inspector, Dave Frank (920) 233-1999. (The Building Permit process will change as of June 1, 2024. Please watch for details)

Building Registration Form

  • Helpful article: Building Permits – newsletter Q4-23
  • Required for all additions, remodels, wreck/raze, and electrical changes: 
  • Building Registration Form Updated 2023
    • Registrants must contact Zoning Administrator, Tom Verstegen at 920.379.3081 prior to submitting this form to ensure compliance with zoning.
    • Please contact the Winnebago County Planning and Zoning for a permit and/or Erosion Control Permit (Shoreland Zoning).
    • Mail, email ( or drop off in-person or drop box to the Town Hall.

Culvert/Road Access

Dog Licenses 

Open Records

Operator and Retail Alcohol Licensing

  • New in 2024:
    • The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) created the following forms which will replace the ones noted
      • AB-100Alcohol Beverage Individual Questionnaire (Formerly AT-103/103a, Supplemental/Auxiliary Questionnaire)
      • AB-101Alcohol Beverage Appointment of Agent (Formerly AT-104 Schedule for Appointment of Agent and AT-200 Appointment of Successor Agent)
      • AB-200Alcohol Beverage Retail License Application (Formerly AT-106 Original Alcohol Beverage License Application and AT-115 Renewal Alcohol Beverage License Application)
      • Under 2023 Wisconsin Act 73, municipalities and retailers must use these new forms for license applications and renewals. Note: Forms AT-103,  AT-103a, AT-104, AT-106, AT-115, and AT-200 are discontinued.
      • To move necessary forms quickly and accommodate changes in the law, a renewal alcohol beverage license form is not available. All existing licensees should use AB-200, Alcohol Beverage Retail License Application to reapply for their licenses.
      • A temporary retail license application, license and permit transfer application, and restricted investor affidavits are in the works and will be released in the coming weeks. For more information about the changes to Chapter 125 affecting retail licensees, please visit the Wisconsin Department of Revenue Alcohol Beverage Licensing. 

Operator License Applications

Alcohol Beverage Retail License Applications and forms 

Cigarette, Tobacco, and Electronic Vaping Device Forms

Short Term Rental Licensing 


Zoning and Variance